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We specialize in the growing and processing of dried fruits, spices, vegetables & seeds. Most of the products are grown in our farms and processed almost immediately after harvest in order to maintain the freshness in our products that we are so proud of. Our head office is based in Dubai with farms located in other parts of the world. We take the utmost care to keep updated information with respect to market & product knowledge.

  • Pulses  In Asian Countries
    Pulses In Asian Countries
    13 / 04 / 2020

    When UN observed 2016 as the Year of Pulses , the main focus was given to Asia. By the special activity UN Food Program placed a new vision of the multi health benefits of Pulses and its highly recommended relevance across Asian countries . Now we are in 2020 when we think of the growth of awareness among Asian Countries about Pulses, the result is amazingly positive. We have to reap the benefits of Pulses on the coming years ...

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  • The number of death due to malnutrition is much higher than any viral disease !
    The number of death due to malnutrition is much higher than any viral disease !
    08 / 04 / 2020
    Just think of the number of kids died under the age of 5 years. its more than 144 million. Out of this number more than 45 % died in 2019 due to malnutrition. They lack the so called balanced diet. They go thru the stage of undernutrition. One meal a day is a long cherished dream for these kids in various countries. Though the number is coming down, still the figure at 2019 is alarming and making us sleepless! A proper planning i...
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